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Property Guide: Costa Blanca Removals Advice

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Moving to the Costa Blanca area of Spain? How do you move all your stuff along with you? Removals companies are businesses that specialise in moving things from one place to another, and finding the right company for you is the first step. Read the article below for advice on how to prepare, and what companies you can look into.

Date Published

18th January 2019

Property Guide: Costa Blanca Removals Advice

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Advice about Removals to the Costa Blanca

Choosing a Company

The first step in international removals is choosing the company you go with. Have a look through the Home Removals & Storage section of our site to browse the companies listed there. Good pointers are to go with a company you trust, or one you can find good reviews for. Check also that the company you choose offers the services you want, such as if you need things stored in a Storage facility before it's taken to your property, or if you specifically want sea, air, or land transit for your belongings.

Property Guide: Costa Blanca Removals Advice
Property Guide: Costa Blanca Removals Advice

Audit Your Posessions

Taking an audit of your posessions is highly recommended to make sure you only take what you really need. This avoids paying for more transport boxes than you need. Items you decide you don't need can be sold, given to friends/relatives, or donated to charity shops or shelters. A good rule is the 12 Month Rule - if you haven't used an item in the last year, you can probably do without it.

Make sure you don't lose track of your most essential things during the packing process. Keep thins like medication, children's toys, important paperwork, and identification with you during the move.

Prepare Your Destination

Nothing is worse than moving into an unprepared home. Things to double check are that the utilities are connected and functioning in advance of your arrival, and that all necessary paperwork or forms are logged. Don't make the mistake of assuming these processes will take as little time as they might in the UK! Get ahead for a smooth and easy move.

Property Guide: Costa Blanca Removals Advice
Property Guide: Costa Blanca Removals Advice

Look for Official Resources

Now you've got a general idea of the necessary steps concerning removals to the Costa Blanca, but don't end your research here! There are plenty of official resources worth reading to fully understand the process, such as GOV.UK's Guide to Living in Spain.

Both the British and Spanish governments have online resources you can use to help you with the move. Things to look into include: work requirements, taxation, residency requirements, and visa regulation.