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The Butchers Block is a family business, proud to be serving the local community of Javea and the surrounding areas with good quality food at prices to suit all budgets.



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The Butchers Block is a family business, proud to be serving the local community of Javea and the surrounding areas with good quality food at prices to suit all budgets.


The Business

Welcome to The Butchers Block! They are a family business, proud to be serving the local community of Javea and the surrounding areas. Neil opened his small,  local butcher’s shop in May 2010 and thanks to our loyal customers recommending them to their friends they have been growing ever since.
Really good quality food at prices to suit all budgets is what they are about. They are always there to help with good old fashioned local customer service, from quality cooking on a budget, meals for one, right up to luxury dinner parties.
They are proud of the atmosphere in the shop, there is always a debate about the best way to cook something or people swapping recipes while they are browsing our range of meats and ready meals. If you haven’t already paid them a visit come and sees them . They promise to give you a warm welcome.


Traditional meaty sausages, at least 80% good quality pork – no excess fat added! Try from our tasty range of flavours. Old English breakfast sausage, mildly seasoned perfect with bacon and eggs.
- Lincoln Sausage a classic sausage seasoned with sage, great on its own or in toad in the hole.
- Pork and leak sausages, ideal with onion gravy.
- Cumberland sausage a delicious herb sausage.
- Cracked pepper and onion, a firm favourite with our clients.
- Pork and Apple – a great combination, children love them.
- Tomato and basil – fabulous with pasta and a rustic tomato sauce.
- Boer Vorst sausages on request - a South African sausage full of herbs and spices
All our sausages are hand made on the premises, therefore they can vary in weight and size,as a guidesausages work out at around 60 cents each so about 3.60€ for 6


Sunday Roasts

What can beat a perfect Sunday Roast, even if the sun is shining sometimes it´s great to indulge in a family roast or get together with friends to enjoy this English tradition
Pork and crackling.. We will happily give you tips on how to get your crackling crisp and crunchy we can even provide chunky apple sauce.

Pork and Crackling
- Leg
- Shoulder
- Belly
- Loin
- Loin and Belly together
- Pulled Pork


- H. Bone Topside
- Silverside
- Brisket
- Rib of Beef
- Eye of Rump
All joints are prepared in the traditional way and hung to improve texture and flavour. Whatever the size joint for 1 person or 10 people we´ll cut it to to suit you. just ask. 


- Full shoulder of lamb
- Leg of lamb - full leg or just the fillet, with or without the bone
- Fanned leg of lamb marinated in rosemary, garlic and lemon juice
- A grade , quality  happy chickens!
- Spatchcock chicken prepared and marinated  in a tray

With restaurant prices charging over 25€ a head for fillet steak it´s no wonder  people are choosing to griddle a succulent steak at home. Staying in is the new going out!
Whatever your preference we can cut you a rump steak, sirloin steak or prime fillet, our steaks have been hung and we trim of all the waste so no paying top dollar for gristle!
We try all our steaks to test for texture and flavour, if it´s not right we wont´t sell it!


Something Special
Whatever your budget we can suggest and price up some options for entertaining just come and have a chat and tell us your ideas.
Eye of rump
Neil´s very own cut, a wonderful rump joint that can be cooked whole in 15-20 minutes, served with our ready made pepper corn sauce.Loin of pork
A great dish for large numbers of people, we have even been known to take our clients own stuffing to add to the dish before tying the joint! 
Fillet of pork
A simple but very impressive dish of pork fillet wrapped in bacon and then wrapped in pastry –we can even provide a good quality mushroom sauce to go with it
Rack of lamb
French trimmed racks of lamb simple and delicious
Saddle of lamb
For a special occasion this classic dish can´t be beaten
Tunnel boned leg of lamb
Stuffed with rosemary and garlic
Belly pork
Boned and scored and marinated with soy sauce, five spice powder and inlaid with fresh ginger – yes we can prepare it all for you!
Reverse Rossini
Eye of rump joint, , coated in a mushroom Pâté then layered with Parma ham.
Chicken Breast
Stuffed with mushrooms, bacon and tomato, wrapped in prosciutto or bacon

BBQ Food


We specialise in BBQ food from basic homemade 100% beef burgers from € each right up to impressive butterfly legs of lamb for  a special BBQ party. Here´s a flavour of what we offer:
- Sweet chilli and lime chicken
- Marinated Belly pork
- Pork fillet and bacon kebabs
- Juicy minty lamb kebabs
- Caramelized onion and cracked pepper burgers
- Mildly seasoned beef burgers
- Lamb burgers
- Stuffed pepper slices
- Southern coated – chicken quarters

Ready Meals


For those occasions where  you want a wholesome meal but just haven’t the time or the energy to prepare one, you can now select from our range of delicious  ready meals, no colourants or preservatives, just good old fashioned  home cooking made with quality ingredients:
 Chilli con carne – not too spicy
 Lasagne – chunky and full of flavour
 Beef and mushroom casserole
 Moussaka using he finest quality minced lamb
 Mild chicken curry
 Pork, chorizo and bean cassoulet
 Short crust pastry pies – chicken and mushroom or beef and mushroom

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