Cancer Care Charity Centre is a registered charity in Javea, dedicated to help those affected by Cancer. Established in 1998 the centre has raised over 600.000 euros towards research and other cancer support services!! Support them today so they can do more!


Javea Park
Avenida de Paris

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Cancer Care Charity Centre

The cancer Care Charity Centre in Javea, Spain welcomes everyone. Established in 1998 the centre has raised over 600.000 euros towards research and other cancer support services!! Please Help them do more!


The Charity

It was evident that there was little support for Cancer in the Costa Blanca Region in the nineties. So a group of like-minded people got together and in March 1998 they opened the Cancer Charity Centre in Javea. The aims were to raise funds for Hospitals, Research, Patient Care and Individuals. The charity was overwhelmed by the response of the local community and those elsewhere, who supported them with donations.

Cancer Care is a registered Charity. Charity No. 8270. NIF No. G53687992.

Services offered

The Charity Shop is a great shop full of bargains with all the proceeds going to Cancer Care. All donations of mens and womens clothes, books, bedding and small household items are welcome. Items to be sold on a commission basis are also accepted. Every little bit helps the fundraising!

There are now two additions to the original charity shop. In November 2008, the Boutique was opened, offering customers a selection of designer labels and up-market brands of womenswear. These are special items that are offered for great value.

At the same time, the Cancer Care Advice and Information Centre was opened. There is a comprehensive selection of leaflets with information covering everything from Translators to Home Nursing. There are also professional counselling services and bereavement meetings. The Charity now have the facilities to offer people a private place to share their problems or simply call by for a cup of tea and a chat.

All services are located in Javea Park just off Avda. de Paris. There is plenty of free parking available. The Charity is situated on a crescent walkway, linking a few shops and cafés.


The volunteers and committed team

Currently there are 60 volunteers who work on a rota system. Six of the ladies are over 80 years old and still have the energy and commitment so many of the volunteers share. The Charity has a wonderful mix of young mums, people with skilled backgrounds and those, that simply care enough to spend some of their precious time helping the team.

Although the prime objective is to raise funds for Cancer-related projects, a close knit unit has been formed, resulting in a strong and enthusiastic group of people, with great friendships. 

Why not volunteer?
Cancer Care always need more people to either help in the shops or with patient care. Please contact them to find out what they need most at the moment, simply drop by the Cancer Care Centre or call 96 579 6846.

Irene Ellis, Co-founder



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