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Chit Chat is a program designed for Spanish children to learn English, by living with English families during the summer.


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Chit Chat is a language program designed for Spanish children to learn English, by living with English families in Calpe during the summer.
During the day they have English classes and outdoor activities at the language centre, and return to their English host families in the evening.

Interested in Hosting?

At Chit Chat they understand that an integral part of the children's experience is to be homed with native English speaking families. Of course, the benefits for the children's language skills are obvious, but equally important is the unique opportunity for the children to experience and integrate into British family life.

Chit Chat is much more than a language course. It is an exchange of cultures and they are very proud of the relationship that they are able to build up with their host families due to them returning to repeat the experience year after year. Their Spanish families often stay in contact with their host families long after the children have returned home and some real and lasting friendships have developed over the years.

They offer a generous payment scheme to reimburse the families for their hard work and dedication towards the children during their stay. Their main focus however is to find kind, caring and hospitable families that will provide the children with a loving, nurturing environment in which they will feel comfortable and confident to practise their English as well as developing their social skills.

They must ensure the safety and comfort of the children at all times so have a rigorous selection process in place. Once a family is accepted as part of the Chit Chat team however, they can expect 24 hour support throughout the stay of the children, the Director will be available at all times to help deal with any issues that may arise.

The Business

Chit Chat offers a unique combination for youths and adolescents (between 8-15 years old) of outdoor classes, an extensive program of activities and, best of all, living with a host family English. A fun environment where they can learn and make many new friends!

Since 1979 Chit Chat has been serving the needs of parents and young people who want a real experience of English in a native family, but have not decided yet to go out of Spain. It is the perfect springboard to before going abroad

More than 10,000 Britons are living in Javea. This large group helps recreate the environment of a typical English society, and the host families often hardly speak Castellano, facilitating the practice of English at all times. Students will be immersed in the habits, customs and daily activities of the family within the British community

Their facilities in the La Corona offers an excellent atmosphere to enjoy a summer camp classes and nature sports, two pools, two tennis courts, music, dance, crafts and other fun activities as well as excursions to sites of interest to young people as Terra Mitica and Aqualandia.
The programs are 2 to 3 weeks in duration and are held from June to August





How it works

English family grouping will be by age and sex in groups of two to four children per household. The idea that the course more productive the less Spanish the child speaks, is false. Linguistic isolation is recommended only at very high levels and adulthood.
The family is responsible for interacting with the children in English but at the end of the day, when they go to his room to rest, students need to relax and chat with their peers in their own language. This allows them to return the next day to the circle of family and class, fully prepared to speak English again.

Coexistence Questionnaire:
Together with the confirmation of registration, we sent a questionnaire coexistence that helps us make a better "match" between the student and the English family
This questionnaire gives us an indication of the child's personality and hobbies. Combining these data with our knowledge of every English family, we decided a specific location for the participant.

One of the family:
The English family strives for students to adapt as soon as possible to their everyday life, but the key to success for students in their efforts to integrate into the life and customs of the English family. This will maximize the experience.
Making their bed and keeping the room tidy is the only thing the student should do daily in the English house, but any gesture to help with small chores is welcome, to help to foster a relationship of friendliness and cordiality that ultimately benefits the practice of English.

The Transfer Center:
Transportation to the center from the English family is almost always by bus, although in some cases the family prefer to use their own car.

They have classes from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 14:00 h, with 30 mins playtime midmorning.
From 14:00 to 15:00 h, after class, is lunchtime. The menu is light and varied, but appealing to the kids in the summer. Prepared by a catering company specializing in infant catering, they also offer specific menus for children with food intolerance or celiac.
From 15:00 to 17:00 h there are outdoor activities in the centre or at the Sports Centre of Jávea. And at 17:00 it's time to return to the host family to continue practicing their English with them.


Teachers involved in this summer course are native English speakers with extensive experience and qualifications in teaching English for youths.
In Chit-Chat they know that being a summer camp, it is a key task of the teacher to motivate students. They are tired of their work throughout the year and are now demanding more fun activities that also need to be very instructive.
The Chit-Chat methodology focuses on achieving improved communication skills of our students and we organize activities which encourage participation, friendliness and extroversion. It is not just about learning vocabulary, it is about providing students help to communicate with their English family more easily. This will gain confidence and lose the fear of speaking in English.

In the afternoons the children can choose from a varied activity program that is on offer. They have many options: music, dance, film, theater, crafts, games and other fun activities like treasure hunts, trips to the beach or harbor, etc.. But they can also enjoy playing sports such as swimming, tennis, volleyball, table tennis or soccer.
Saturday is usually the day of the optional tours. Depending on demand, they offer an excursion to the Terra Mitica theme park and water park Aqualandia, both in Benidorm.
Optional excursions are full day, including transportation, admission and lunch. Students are accompanied by monitors.



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