Festivals in Javea: "El Ajedrez Viviente" - Living Chess (July 2024)


"El Ajedrez Viviente" is organised every July by the Commission of Fiestas for "Mare de Deu de Loreto", when the port area of Javea changes into a giant chess board with live chess and theatre performance.


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Event date & time

July 2024


Sports Pavilion Miguel Buigues de Xàbia

Event date & time

July 2024

Event type
  • Children's activities
  • Local fiestas
  • Theatre & shows
Festivals in Javea: "El Ajedrez Viviente" - Living Chess (July 2024)

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Living Chess in Javea 2024

On the last weekend in July, the Port Area of Javea will be changed into a supersized chess board with living chessmen performing theatre. Since 1996 this event has been organised by the Fiesta Committee of Mare de Deu de Loreto in collaboration with the Town hall and the local Chess Club.

Staged by schoolchildren between 6 and 14 years, this particular style of performance is taken place on a chess board of extensive dimensions and combines chess with theatre, musical pieces and choreography. The viewer does not have to have knowledge of chess to be able to enjoy the performance!

Don't miss this spectacular and unique opportunity! The details of the 2024 event are not yet available.