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Javea Computer Club provides talks and tutorials for people that want to learn more about computing, whether you are a beginner or more advanced.


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Javea Computer Club

Javea Computer Club provides talks and tutorials for people that want to learn more about computing, whether you are a beginner or more advanced.



The Club

Many Committee Members over the years have tried to determine the correct date on which Javea Computer Club (JCC) came into existence. Some members of the Costa Blanca Computer Club (CBCC), based in Alfaz, joined JCC around August 1985. They renamed themselves on 6th April 1986, still as a branch of CBCC, as "Javea Computer Club". The next step, on 8th May 1986 was to do a "UDI" and to declare that "Javea Computer Club is a separate organisation. That date can be reasonably accepted as the date on which Javea Computer Club was created.

There were 12 people who had been Members of CBCC, Javea Branch and became 'founder Members' of JCC. Morris Gray is JCC President 2012.



Are you an Absolute Beginner or a relative Beginner? Or do you want to get a parent/family member up to speed? If so you can get them to visit the club for a coffee. If you are new to Personal Computers, JCC can provide you with Tutorials to give you all the basic information you need to get started, and if you come along to their Tuesday sessions, their Tutors will help you with any questions you have and by explaining concepts that might be new to you. Once you have mastered most of the basic concepts, we can help you to achieve the important tasks like "Sending Emails", "Storing Photos" and "Writing letters". Contact the Beginners Coordinator, Peter Bayliss, on jccbeginners@gmail.com.

Maybe you're not an 'Absolute Beginner', but want help with a particular programme or subject. Are you a Beginner with Desk Top Publishing?……or Video Editing? Come along on Tuesday and they will find someone who can help. From time to time the club also runs Tuesday Workshops on the most popular subjects which go into more detail.

Mondays are Club Days and 'Troubleshooting' Days, take advantage of the club's ADSL line or simply meet for a chat. And don't forget our Special Interest Groups that meet regularly to discuss topics of mutual interest, like Digital Photography and hardware.

They also have a "Helpline" Forum for answering your queries. Why not join, it’s free? Go to the Club’s home page, click on “Need Help – Join the Helpline” then follow the instructions.

Check on the Club Website for “What’s On” during the following week, or subscribe to the weekly "News Letter" emails.


Membership & fees

The one-off joining fee is €10 per person, with annual subscription of €20 per person. The daily entrance fee to Club Days and Meetings is €1 per person per visit.

Guest/Visitor Policy
The Computer Club is first and foremost a members club. Guests, accompanied by a Member, are welcome but to a maximum of 2 visits. Visitors are permitted 1 visit. after which time they are expected to take up membership. Use of Club equipment is restricted to members only. The daily Fee for Guests and Visitors is €2 per person per visit.


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