Fiestas in Javea: "San Antonio Abad" (January 2025)


Find details of the 2025 San Antoni Abad Fiesta in Javea, Costa Blanca, Spain - this fiesta is in honour of San Antonio, patron saint of pets.


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Event date & time

January 2025



Event date & time

January 2025

Javea Fiestas 2025 | Fiesta in Honour of San Antoni

San Antoni (January 2025)

Fiestas in Javea: "San Antonio Abad" (January 2025)

San Antonio in Spain

Hundreds of pet owners bring their animals (often dressed on their Sunday best) to church on the day of St Anthony, Spain's patron saint of animals. Animals are said to have been instinctively drawn to Saint Anthony throughout his life. Anthony (born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1195) is often depicted addressing a menagerie of animals attentively listening to his words. The festival has been celebrated largely uninterrupted since the 19th century and is held in various parts of Spain.

Previous Programme

Day 1 (17 January)

12:00   Religious celebration in the church Iglesia de la Virgen de Loreto, followed by blessing of animals in the Promenade. "In the name of San Anton, receive this blessing," the priest, decked out in white robes, says as he blesses the animals presented to him in the doorway of the church. Many believe the blessing will ensure a long and healthy life for their pets. After having their pets blessed each parishioner receives three bread rolls, one of which is traditionally kept for a year alongside a coin meant to ensure good health and to guarantee the blessing of the saint. The buns are baked according to a secret recipe meant to keep them soft.

Day 2 (18 January)

20:30   Bonfire at San Antonio Abad

Day 3 (19 January)

11:00   Parade with animals from Old town to the Port and back to Old Town with Blessing of Animals (Plaza de la Constitución).

Fiestas in Javea: "San Antonio Abad" (January 2025)