Fiestas in Javea: "Mare de Déu de Loreto" (August/September 2023)


The Javea Fiesta "Festes Mare de Déu de Loreto" / Virgen de Loreto runs from the last week in August to the first week in September in Javea, Spain. The Celebration is in honour of the patron saint of the sea: "La Mare de Déu de Loreto". During this fiesta the residents and visitors of Javea meet to celebrate their local identity, traditions, religion, neighborhood, sports, and culture. This is a vibrant, colourful, inclusive & creative fiesta that is open to the public and promotes respect for all.


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Event date & time

August/September 2023


Aduanas del Mar

Event date & time

August/September 2023

Event type
  • Art & exhibitions
  • Children's activities
  • Dancing
  • Live concerts
  • Live music
  • Local fiestas
Fiestas in Javea: "Mare de Déu de Loreto" (August/September 2023)

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Mare de Déu de Loreto

The Javea fiesta Virgin de Loreto (August/September 2023) is a celebration is in honour of the patron saint of the sea held every year in Javea, Spain

Previous Programme (as a guide)

24th August: Presentation of the Festivities
11:00   Children’s Fishing Contest (The Port). Registration (for children up to 12 years) will be made after 10:00 and each participant must bring their own rod.
23:00   Presentation of the 2018 Festivities - Presentation of the Mayoralesas and Mayorales as representatives of the 2018 Fiestas. This will be followed by music and dancing to MONTECARLO Orchestra until 05:00.
20:30   Mass for the souls of the deceased and 'besamanos' to the patron saint, Mare de Déu de Loreto. The Fiesta Commission will make a floral offering to the deceased.

25th August: Sports and Culture Day
09:00-14:00   Quick Painting Contest (The Fish Market). Registration through addresses and numbers available in the Party Book and on the Fiesta Facebook Page. 
09:30   VALENCIAN PILOTA (Calle Virgen de Loreto).
10:00   28th Mare de Déu de Loreto Chess Championship (31st Open Vila de Xàbia, c/Severo Ochoa)
10:00   38th PEÑA LA BUFA RACE. Registration will happen beforehand in Cala Blanca, the starting point of the race. The race ends at the Port.
11:30   VALENCIAN PILOTA Saque de Palma (Calle Virgen de Loreto).
12:30   Parade of the Comissió de Festes and Peñas Marineras touring the streets of Aduanas. At the end, the Penyeta Roja will invite all to enjoy "sangría a gogó" on Paseo Jaime I.
17:00   VALENCIAN PILOTA Tournament between Peñas Marineras (c/Virgen de Loreto).
18:30   VALENCIAN PILOTA (C/Virgen de Loreto).
20:00   Concert by Junior Orchestra of the Artistic Musical Centre of Xàbia on Avenida Jaime I.
22:00   HUMOUR NIGHT with Valencian Farce performed by TOT RIST in Avenida Lepanto.

26th August: Musical Sensational
22:00   Musical Sensational of the Comissió de Festes on the Paseo Marítimo with which will take you on a tour of the best known music of the 60s, 70s, 80s.

27th August: Wine Tasting
21:00   Wine Tasting event, to discover four unique wines that communicate the most authentic traditions of the area. Cost: €15 euros in Calle Severo Ochoa (prior registration at 19:00)

28th August: Book Presentation
19:30   Presentation of Poems by Zarbar in  the Port Public Library
22:00   Brotherhood dinner (C/Doctor Fleming). There will be a big raffle among all the attendees and then dancing with The BRADMIS Orchestra until 03:00.

29th August
20:00   Prize-Giving for the 27th Children's Art Competition in Calle Severo Ochoa.
21:30   Concert "Antologia de Zarzeula" in the church of Nuestra Señora de Loreto.
22:00   Community dinner in Zona Bartolome Ros, followed by music and dancing to LOS LEGENDARIOS Orchestra until 02:00.

30th August
18:00   Chess Tournament featuring international master Francisco Sánchez Guirado in Calle Severo Ochoa.
19:00   Table Football Tournament 
22:00   Community Dinner in Paseo Marítimo followed by music and dancing to TWISTER Orchestra until 04:00.

31st August: Day of the "PEÑAS MARINERAS"
09:30   Open Table Tennis Tournament organised by Club Tennis Xàbia in the Palau Municipal d'Esports.
10:00   Basketball Tournament organised by CB Joventut Xàbia in the Palau Municipal d'Esports.
11:30   Parade of the "peñas marineras" through the streets of the port to the bull arena in the harbour.
12:00   "Bous A La Mar" and opening of the world famous "Baret dels Bous" in its 2019 season.
16:30   Basketball Tournament organised by CB Joventut Xàbia in the Palau Municipal d'Esports.
16:30   Parade of the peñas marineras through the streets of the port to the bull arena in the harbour.
19:00   "Bous A La Mar"
23:15   Exhibition of how Horses in the bull arena.
00:00   "Bous A La Mar" at the Bull Arena, followed by 21st Century Gladiators bull leaping show.
00:00   Discomóvil Carnavalia on Tour on Avenida Augusta that combines the best current music, animation, live performances and special effects until 05:00.

1st September: Children’s Day
09:00   Children’s "Despertà" - Wake Up Parade starring the youngest on their big day of the festivities with the participation of the youngest musicians of l’Escola Xirimitab’s de Xàbia. Any child who wants to participate must bring their own instrument to play on Avenida Jaime I. The Comissió de Festes will provide an instrument to all those who do not have one.
10:00 Chocolate is prepared and distributed in Calle Doctor Fleming, followed by Popular Games in Calle Triana, traditional Meringue Fight on the Paseo Marítimo, then finally Fiesta Del Agua - water festival with the collaboration of Transportes Montgó.
10:00   Classic Car Vehicles on c/Doctor Fleming.
11:00   Opening of the Children’s Park and "Aquajocs" - Water Games in Paseo Jaime I.
12:30   Traditional Greasy Pole in the Bull Arena with the collaboration of the Peña La Bufa.
13:00   "Carretons A La Mar" - Bulls Head Carts - in the Bull Arena for the young ones. 
14:00   Paella, soft drinks and ice cream for all the children offered by CELDA SL. and Supermarkets Coaliment in Calle Severo Ochoa.
20:00   "Cabalgata de Carrozas" - Float Parade - with numerous musical groups and animation to fill the streets with music and color. The parade will start from the Port and continue through the Plaza President Adolfo Suárez, Santísimo Cristo del Mar, Lepanto, Antoni Llidó, Doctor Fleming, Jaime I and Plaza A. Suárez.
22:30   Concert from Trilogy at the Paseo Marítimo
00:00   "Correfoc" by Xarxa Theatre with its show 'El Foc del Mar' that will tour the main streets. The use of fire, the aesthetics inspired by the artist Joan Miró and the music of dulzaina and drum; mark the character of this work that is inspired by the traditions and popular Mediterranean festivals.This is followed by a Mobile Disco until 04:00

2nd September: Bull Running
12:00   "Bous A La Mar" 
19:00   "Bous A La Mar". Animations and dynamics for children in the tent located in Placeta Maruja Varó until 
23:00   Mobile Disco Pilatrix in charge of the rock Els Golossos in Paseo Jaime I until 03:30.

3rd September: Bull Running
12:00   "Bous A La Mar" 
19:00   "Bous A La Mar". Animations and dynamics for all the children in the tent located on the Paseo Marítimo until 21:00.
23:30   "Bous A La Mar"

4th September: Bull Running
10:00   Big Cagada organized by the La Bufa club in the Taurino Campus with a popular lunch for all the attendees. The prize to the winner will be given during the session of bulls in the afternoon at the Baret dels Bous.
12:00   "Bous A La Mar" 
19:00   "Bous A La Mar". 
23:30   "Bous A La Mar"

5th September
10:00   GRAN CAGADA organised by Peña La Bufa in the bull arena with snacks for all attending.
12:00   "Bous A La Mar" 
19:00   "Bous A La Mar" Afterwords the end of the festival of the bullfighting performances and the closure of the legendary Baret de Bous a la Mar at the end of the season. Animations and dynamics for all the children in the tent located on the Paseo Marítimo until 21:00.
23:00   Discomobile Closing Bull’s Party on Paseo Jaime I organized by Peña El Tremoló with the best music of the moment until 03:30.

6th September: Senior Citizen's Day
10:30   Brisca Card Contest for the over 50's at the house of Peña La Bufa.
11:00   Traditional visit to the Hermanos Cholbi Nursing Home of the "Mayorales 2019 & Fiesta Commission, followed by a Parade to the historic centre to visit the Santa María de Betania Day Centre in Placeta del Convent. Flower offering to the patron in Calle Loreto.
12:30   La Peña La Bufa will offer an aperitif to the Senior Citizens
13:00   Bell Ringing to announce the start of religious celebrations in honor of our patrons.
18:00   La Peña La Bufa will visit the Asilo Hermanos Cholbi Hospital.
20:00   Floral Offering to La Mare de Deu de Loreto. The Comissió de Festes invites all the clubs, streets, associations, local festivities, neighbours and all of Xàbia to participate.
23:30   Musical Tour to visit the Mayoralesas and Mayorales starting at the Parish Church. The Tour finishes at Calle Severe Ochoa..
00:00   Concert of the Starts on Years group at the Paseo Marítimo until 03:00.

7th September: Day of "Santisimo Cristo Del Mar" - The Holy Christ of the Sea
09:00   Wake Up Musical parade Pilatrix through the Aduanas streets organized by the Peñas Pili La Banyà and Liatrix. Ringing of the Church bells to mark the celebrations of the day in honor of "Santísimo Cristo del Mar".
12:00   Informal parade through the streets of the Mayoralesas, Mayorales and Comissió de Festes Customs offices up to Santísimo Cristo del Mar. Followed by Ballon Bursting in Calle Bartolome Ros for all the children.
13:00   "Carrer Festa" - Street Fiesta in Santísimo c/Cristo del Mar. 
18:00   Parade with Musical Band  and the Comissió de Festes to visit the decorated streets to the Parish Church
19:00   Celebration of the Eucharist in honor of the Santísimo Cristo del Mar. The Mass will be sung by the Parochial Choir. Next, Procession of the Holy Christ of the Sea through the streets of the Port. At the end of the procession, traditional "Mascleta de Colores" on Paseo Jaime I.
23:30   Show by Revista Divinas and comedy from Carlos Luna on the Paseo Marítimo.
00:00   Mobile Disco organized on Calle Doctor Fleming until 05:00

8th September: Day of "La Mare de Déu del Loreto"
08:00   Wake Up Parade on the feast of Mare de Déu de Loreto! "Despertà" through the streets of the Port.
09:00   Ringing of Church bells to announce "La Mare de Déu del Loreto".
11:00   Parade with the Band of Music and the Comissió de Festes to pick up the Mayoralesas and go to the parish church.
12:00   Celebration of the Solemn Eucharist in honor of Our Patroness the Mare de Déu de Loreto with the assistance of municipal authorities, Town Council of the Fishermen’s Association, representatives of other Fiestas, Mayoralesas and Mayorales of 2019, Comissió and town of Xàbia . The mass will be sung by the parish choir. At the end, the parade of all the attendees to the mascletà enclosure and then deafening Mascleta on the Jaime I avenue.
19:00   Parade of the Comissió de Festes and the Music Band to pick up the Mayorales and Mayoralesas and accompany them to the parish church.
20:00   Solemn Procession of the Mare de Deu de Loreto through the streets of the Port.
23:30   Live Music with Syberia on the Paseo Marítimo.
01:00   Sensational Aquatic Fireworks Display to close the Fiestas in honor of the Mare de Déu de Loreto 2019. At the end, dancing with Syberia will continue until 03:30.