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Fiestas in Javea: Moors & Christians (July 2019)

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See the program of activities for the Moors and Christians Fiesta in Javea, Spain, in July 2019. The fiesta is an unmissable summer treat for locals and tourists alike.


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Event date & time

July 2019


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Event date & time

July 2019

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  • Live music
  • Local fiestas

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Javea Moors & Christians (July 2019)

The Javea Moors & Christians Fiesta takes place in Javea, Spain, in July every year. This fiesta is an unmissable summer treat for locals and tourists alike.

The 2019 Fiesta Programme is not yet available. For guidance, please refer to the 2018 Programme provided below.

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Fiesta Programme 2018

Saturday 14th July
21:00 - Parade through the streets around the port. When the parade reaches Avenida Jaime I there will be rockets and switching on of the fiesta decorative lights.
21:30 - Drinks offered by the Fila Captain Trabuquers in Calle Virgen de Loreto.
22:00 - Presentation of the Moors and Christians 2017 in Paseo Jaime I, followed by a mobile disco until 03:30.
00:30 - CENA DE FILAES | Community Dinner with the Filaes in Avenida Jaime I.

Sunday 15th July
20: 30 Concert of Music Festera in the Artistic Musical Center of Javea in Calle Sevilla.

Monday 16th July
21:00 Visit to Arenal Beach and tour of the Paseo del Tenista David Ferrer.

Tuesday 17th July
20:00 Parade through the Old Town, with a floral offering to the patron saint Sant Juame.

Wednesday 18th July
20:45 - Offering of flowers to San Jaime with a parade through the streets of the port ending at the parish church. A donation of food will be made to CARITAS.
23:00 - Community dinner in Calle Sevilla followed by a mobile disco until 03:00.

Thursday 19th July
 21:00 - Deployment of Christian troops on the beach of La Grava to face the invasion of the Moorish troops.
21:30 - Landing of the Moorish troops with loud firing of guns
22:00 - Diplomatic discussion and surrender of the castle to the Moorish troops in Paseo Jaime I.
00:00 - Drum parade "Batukada" with Grupo Katuba visiting diifferent locations of the filaes accompanied by the fiesta participants and general public.

Friday 20th July
11:00 -  Children's Moors & Christians Parade along Calle Pio X and Calle Santisimo Cristo del Mar
17:00 - Valencian pilota tournament between filaes in Calle Virgen de Loreto.
21:00 - Gun battle between Moorish and Christian troops on La Grava beach.
21:30 - Diplomatic discussion and reconquest of the castle by Christian troops in Paseo Jaime I.
23:30 - Open-Air Disco with DJs Christian Blond and Paul Smiths in Paseo La Grava until 03:30.
23:30 - Open-Air Disco in Calle Dr. Fleming and Calle Virgen del Loreto until 03:30.
00:00 - Live Music in Calle Manuel Bordes Valls until 03:30.

Saturday 21st July

19:30 - Entrance of the Musical Bands
20:30 - Colourful Gala Parade of the Filaes
23:30 - Mobile disco with DJs Dani Wallace, Toni Bup offering the music from the 80s, 90s in Calle Sevilla until 04:00.
00:30 - Street Parade with Fireworks with Els Dimons de Mislata  in Calle Antoni Llidó, Calle Mare de Déu de Loreto, Paseo Jaime I

Sunday 22nd July
10:00 - Water games for children at the Sports Centre.
10:30 - Ice Cream and Chocolate at the Sports Centre.
12:00 - Celebration of Solemn Mass in honour of San Jaime and in memory of fiesta members who have passed away.
19:00 - Entrance of the musical bands who will gather in Paseo Jaime to perform the Pasadoble Xàbia.
20:00 - Gala Parade of the Filaes closed with the special entrance of the Fila Captain 2017 Jalufos.
At the end of the parade there will be a firework display from La Grava beach organised by Pirotecnica Hermanos Caballer.


Fiestas in Javea: Moors & Christians (July 2019)
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