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The Original Charity Shop & Library

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The Original Charity Shop Library is the largest English Library on the Costa Blanca with over 13,000 books.


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The Original Charity Shop Library is the largest English Library on the Costa Blanca with over 13,000 books.

The Original Charity Shop is smart and spacious and has a considerable range of high quality, mainly second hand clothes and useful items at bargain prices. It has a remarkable 40 year history and has donated more than 134,000 Euros over the last three years to deserving ‘causes’.

The People

The Original Charity Shop and Libary Javea is run by a team of volunteers, who pride themselves on raising funds for worthwhile local causes.

The Original Charity Shop & Library
This dedicated team donates an average of 50,000 euros per year. This considerable amount is raised through the shop and library, through the various events organised throughout the year, and through clients selling goods on a commission basis. 

The Library

The custom built English language library has some 14,500 books together with talking books on cassettes and CDs, which are all on loan for a small subscription. 

There is a diverse range of categories to appeal to any readers. An example of the range includes best sellers to biographies, sports and hobbies.

The books available at the library are kept up to date by regular purchase of leading title, and through the donations of local residents.

Membership to the library costs 30€ per annum, or 12€ every 3 months. Members are entitled to borrow an unlimited number of books throughout the year, limited to 3 at any one time. Extra books can be borrowed for a nominal fee. 

The library also sells:
- Greeting cards
- Gift wrap
- Diaries
- Talking books

Temporary Holiday Membership is available for 1-3 week periods. A returnable deposit of 20 euros is required, with a 50c charge per book.

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