Clinica Veterinaria Dra. Mª Carmen Garcia - Vet in Javea

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Clinica Veterinaria Dra. Mª Carmen Garcia is a Vet in Javea, Spain, located at Javea Arenal. The veterinary clinic in Javea is run by Mari Carmen, a fully qualified English & Spanish Speaking Vet who offers services including X-Rays and Ultrasound, hospitalisation, blood analysis, pet surgery, dental cleaning, exotic pet care, nutrition and weight loss, dermatology and behavioural problems.


Ctra del Cap de la Nau Pla 143
03730 Javea

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Clinica Veterinaria Dra. Mª Carmen Garcia - Vet in Javea
Clinica Veterinaria El Puerto is a Veterinary Clinic in Javea specialising in small animal and exotic pet care, located at Javea Arenal. 

The clinic is run by Mari Carmen, a fully qualified English & Spanish Speaking Vet in Javea who has been specialising in small pet care for many years. Her and her team are always trying to excel to be able to provide the best care for you and your pet.

Mari Carmen aims to offer the best quality of care from a Vet in Javea, and offer the most appropriate medical or surgical treatments to the pets that visit the Clinic. She works with the utmost professionalism to ensure all animals are treated with great affection, and owners can have full trust in the services provided at the Clinic.

'We are here to make your pets feel better and provide all the necessary veterinary services'

Clinica Veterinaria M Carmen Garcia offers the following Services:



* HOSPITALIZATION: Customized attention and control of the patient 24 hours a day. Dedicated to care for patients recovering after surgery or with pathologies - in a comfortable place and individual cages.

* CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Mari Carmen works with Specialists laboratory and also in house facilities to get the quickest result possible and  using the latest diagnostic measures, allowing her to provide all types of analysis such as blood work haematology and biochemistry, cytology, biopsies, coprology, scraped coetaneous, parasitology and more.
* SURGERY: Mari Carmen & her team can offer all types of surgical procedures, using isoflurane and inhalator anaesthetic, making the procedure safer, allowing the animals vital signs to be monitored throughout the surgery, all surgeries are carried out in completely sterile environment.
* DENTAL CLEANING: Like humans, dogs and cats can also have dental problems that can cause bad breath to them, inflammation of gingival, disease of the structures that support the tooth or cause infections. The clinic has equipment for dental cleaning using ultrasound and medicines to take care of the teeth.

* PET TRANSPORT: If you have no possibility to transport your pet; they can take your pet to the Veterinary Clinic and bring him back home to you.

EXOTIC PETS: offering general medicine, preventative treatments, nutritional advice, surgery, diagnosis, behavioural care to exotic pets such as rodents, birds, reptiles and other exotic pets.

NUTRITION: With many years of experience food is very important as it is a source of nutrition, working with various brands, Mari Carmen can offer the best food suited for your pet, also making home made tailored diets to suit each individual. 

WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMME: Working closely with the owners and pets, the weight loss programme work to insure that the pets lose weight correctly and maintain a healthy weight after the diet. this is done by regular weighing, volume measurements, and monitoring the food intake. 

DERMATOLOGY: Working closely with a specialist allergy diagnostic laboratory, and with the in house laboratories diagnostic, Mari Carmen is able to determine the cause of the dermatological issue, and therefore treating it correctly.

BEHAVIOURAL ISSUES: Mari Carmen has worked many years with this subject, she offer behavioural consultations, behavioural modification, and also working with dogs on the potentially dangerous dog register.

Specialist Pet Care
Mari Carmen and her team can provide specialist advice regarding the following:

* Worming & Flea Treatments - Providing a wide selection of products, assessing each individual pets needs.

* Pet Food - A range of high quality pet foods and treats are available from Royal Canin, Hills, Dechra (specific) 

* Travelling with your Pet - Pet Passports, Vaccinations, certifications for Europe and the rest of the World 

*Parasitic diseases - diagnostics, expert advise and prevention for   Leishmania, Ehrlichia, rickettsia and others.
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